Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yeah, I am a Bitch

It's really never a good idea to dress slutty around your best friend's boyfriend. Especially if you know he's somewhat of a man whore. I nicknamed this guy "Wee Man" because even though he was a good looking guy, he kind of resembled Wee Man from Jackass (at least to me he did). The night started out fucked up. We arrived at Wee Man's house, and my best friend introduced us. This guy was what I'll call a stealth pimp. He had a pimp house, with a stripper pole (and it's own stage) in the middle of his living room. He wore expensive designer clothes, and he drove a Maserati. He was the kind of guy who you knew fucked lots of girls, but my delusional best friend thought she had tamed him. He almost immediately hit on me. I was 21 and smokin hot, so I don't really blame him. I was wearing a pink sparkly corset and a mini skirt and high heels and he made a comment about my ass. I didn't realize how much trouble this night was about to cause me.

We went out to Siesta Key and headed to Gilligan's and Rhino Room. Somewhere along the line at Rhino Room, I got seperated from my friends, so I went outside to smoke a cigarette. I saw a guy that I knew and I went over and sat on his lap, chatting with him. Around that time, some crazy black bitch who was apparently in the group with this guy got up in my face and called me a slut for sitting on his lap. I'm not a racist, but I was drunk and I definately started calling her a "Dumb N----- Bitch" and saying if she didn't get the fuck away from me, I'd fucking kill her. I tuned out what she was saying, and then she pushed me. My drunk ass stumbled and fell backwards into a table and the bouncers started to run over. I then threw a drink in her face, and yanked out part of her weave as she struggled to get me off of her. The bouncers grabbed both of us and threw us out. I thought, "Fuck...all my friends are inside." Somehow, I managed to sneak back in and then bitched at my friends for not having my back in a fight and then I threw the partial weave in my friends purse.

I continued to drink and ended up dancing on a pole. Wee Man was eyeing me like a piece of steak. Wee Man walked away and started talking to 2 girls. He told my best friend that he was going to drive back to his house and he would call her in the morning. My best friend was no idiot, but was very drunk. We got into her car and she decided to drive over to his house. When we got there, we noticed an extra car. Of course my drunk friend gets out of her car and goes over and starts banging on the door. He answers, is shocked she's there, and they yell at eachother. Somewhere in between this my friend notices the 2 girls from the club dancing on the stripper pole. He slammed the door in her face and said they were his friends. *cough bullshit cough*. My drunk friend went to every door and tried to break in. I stood outside the car telling her to come on, but she wouldn't listen and started fucking crying. Now I was pissed off. She was so drunk, she literally sat her ass in the middle of his street crying her eyes out. I decided it was time for me to become mediator, so I told her to move and sit in the car and I would go try to round up the whores and get them out of his house. She agreed and climbed into her Jetta.

I marched up to the door inside the open garage, and knocked. Wee Man aka stealth pimp opened it up and invited me inside. I saw the whores, called them "whores" and Wee Man gave me a drink. I told him we needed to talk and that his girlfriend was extremely upset and I didn't blame her. He grabbed me by the hand and he said "Come here...I wanna show you something." I think I kept lecturing him as he pulled me into his bedroom and then into his bathroom. I had no idea what was going to happen next. He pulled up my skirt (I never wear panties with skirts), pulled his dick out, and bent me over the sink. We had this wild crazy hot sex in the bathroom, I pulled my skirt down, and I said I had to leave. I went, got into the car, and told my friend that he was an asshole and to dump him. She did. She still to this day doesn't know that I was the whore that fucked him that night...

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