Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Have you ever seen the world's smallest penis? I have. I'll call it Munchkin. A friend calls me and tells me to come over...I do, in hope's of a hot and steamy 3some. I show up and the dude is fat. Fat and ugly. Whoa...not what I had in mind. I proceed to tell my friend that there is no way in hell I am having sex with Chunkmonster. He goes outside a breaks the news. Friend and I go into the bedroom and have sex. Decent. We walk out of the room. 20 mins later, Friend and I go back into the bedroom for more sex, at which time I close the door only to discover there is no door handle. We are trapped so we call Chunkmonster, to get us out. After the break out, Friend tells me Chunkmonster just saved us, so I have to at least give him head. Damn it. He's right. Pity blowjobs are the worst. Chunkmonster starts to unzip his pants and before he does he warns me...."I have a really tiny penis." The polite response is, "Oh I'm sure I've seen smaller." So he unzips and he pulls out...OFFICIALLY the smallest penis I have EVER seen. I mean even his friend couldn't stop staring at it. It was a head...and balls. Nothing else. I didn't even know what to do with it...its pretty sad when you can't feel a dick in your mouth, but really...I couldn't even bob my head up and down because it was so small. I had to use my index finger and thumb to do the tiniest hand job ever. It wasn't even a hand job...it was a finger job. I felt like I was pinching a little flap of skin. I finished the blowjob...and almost asked him to fuck me, just because I wondered what Chunkmonster would do with Munchkin...this dick could have fucked my ear...it would have been like a Q-tip. So, in answer to your question...yes, a 1 inch penis does exist right here in Ellenton Florida.

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