Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Night of 1000 Interruptions

I met him on facebook...his picture was old, but god damn, he showed up and was hot as hell. I immediately could not control my pulsating vagina. We drank a shit load of beers...a decision I would later regret. We're driving around and we end up at the river...the spot where I take all of my one night stands. We decide, we're gonna fuck. So, we get out of the car and he takes me into the woods, bends me over a tree and fucks the shit out of me. I then decide I'm getting bitten by bugs, so we need to relocate. Everyone is gone kayaking, so I have on a dress. He sits at this table and I start riding him...just as we get really into it, a car drives up. Fuck. We get back in the car and decide we're gonna go to his parents island house. So we both have to pee...I get out and go pee and so does he right in front of the house. Then, we find a deserted spot, and he proceeds to fuck me better than I've ever been fucked before. I mean he seriously has me hanging out of the truck and my insides are getting scrambled. I have an amazing orgasm and so does he. We leave to go pick up weed. I proceed to give him road head while we try and find another place to fuck. I get pretty drunk, and definately end up barfing out the window and in his parents driveway. I told him at some point I was gonna fuck him while he drove. So I mounted him and rode on him until we were both having issues. He couldn't see and my legs were numb from being pinned against the wall. Then we decide to go back to the river. We take our designated spots on the bench and I start riding him...we see headlights...oh fuck, its a cop. The cop stops and he goes over and talks to the guy, who tells us we have to leave because the park is closed. So we take off, only to end up in the Publix parking lot. We can't control ourselves anymore and fuck in the truck...we both cum again....and then he took me home. The next day, my mom called him to find out if I drank...so embarrassing, but that night was wild and well worth it!

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