Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Very Angry Dragon

Very few times in my life have I been shocked sexually by what was happening to me. This event occured when I was about 18-19 years old. I had just moved to Florida and didn't know any way of meeting people really so i always found guys on Myspace or facethejury (yeah that long ago). I met Chris on there and thought he was pretty fucking hot. As a pure booty call I drove to his house. It was kind of weird because he had like 6 guys over and I was almost 90% sure he had said to his friends "Hey boys, this one's down for the train." But no, he didn't do that. He took me into his room and almost immediately we started going at it. I've always prided myself on my ability to deepthroat anything so I wanted to show off my skills. I had recently done a porno for the website fuckherthroat and had this great idea for him to stand up and hang my head over the edge of the bed (basically upside down) and have him pound my face in. It started off pretty usual. Blah blah....typical guy response "This is FUCKING AWESOME I've always wanted to do THIS!" And me laying there with eyeliner running down my face looking like a hot mess making gurgling sounds that I've only heard out of ducks and infant children and a pair of sweaty hairy balls smacking me in the fucking chin. Then all of a sudden...something VERY strange happened. As he came, I sort of choked (gimme a break, I was upside down)...I felt a burning sensation in my nose and throat and sat up as soon as he was done. I thought I had a bloody nose...when I hear hysterical laughter. WTF? I ran over to the mirror and what did I see? Cum dripping out of my nostrils. I really DID look like a dragon. I was more embarrassed than anything. My huge nose had done me in! Worse....I let him take a picture (because this shit just doesn't happen to everyone). I'm sure he showed all of his friends because who wouldn't? I eventually laughed after I blew the massive amounts of jizz out of my nose.

Sidenote: I've actually tried to make this phenomenon occur since and it never has, but at least for one day in my life, I was a VERY angry dragon.

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