Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daquiri Deck: Happy Hour

One fine afternoon, my friend and I...I will call her "Tits" decide we're gonna go to Siesta Key. We are sitting on the beach for an excessive amount of time and my thighs are getting burnt. Not like a little pink, but full on, holy shit I just scalded myself with a pot of coffee burnt. I decide, hey what the hell...a little bit of liquor should ease the pain. So we drive away and I struggle to pull my pants on over my bathing suit. We park, and walk up to Daquiri Deck. First round is on me...yay! Two for ones...and I spot him. This sexy ass mother fucker standing at the end of the bar. He is taking pictures with old ladies and groping random drunk bitches, but I decide this is my object of lust for the next few hours. My wing-girl, "Tits" tells me to restrain my leaking panties and sit still and wait for him to come over. Said victim is now getting stared at by me...DD and her FF. He starts staring back. After 4 more daquiris, "Dick Diesel" comes over and starts to converse with us. During this convo, we discover that he has a piercing through his cock and is a recovering alcoholic...well wait, I use that term loosely since we're at a bar. We also find out that his dick ring has fallen out and he needs to go get a new one pronto or the hole is going to close up. So, my drunken ass and Tits decide we're gonna go with Dick Diesel and shop for a new cock piercing. We find one that seems like it will work. Now the mission is set that he has to put it in. Of course Tits and I are no strangers to looking at cock so we decide he can put it in in the back of her Escalade. Meanwhile, we both have to pee, so when we reach the car, we squat on either side of the doors and proceed to piss all over ourselves while Dick Diesel struggles to get his new cock piercing in....First he has this string in his cock, keeping the hole open. I am always willing to assist when it comes to penis, so I tell him I will bite the string out, thus making me a fucking hero. It comes out...for the next fucking 45 minutes however, Dick Diesel is trying desperately to put this thick ass bar through his tiny hole...well I'm not sure if it was the alcohol or not, but I decide fuck this...I'm tired of watching him play with his dick and I wanna fuck this dude. So I grab him and we start making out. Tits decides she needs to move the car, so desperately we are trying to find a new place to park. I am sucking his dick, and we're yanking off clothes left and right and my fucking sunburn, well he's slapping my thighs and mother of god does it hurt, but who am I to say no...I want that dick. My friend Tits bends backwards and is sucking his dick at a stop light while he's eating me out...then I decide I'm gonna ride him. So I sit on his lap and we are fucking right in front of the windshield, my poor friend driving us around. We're flipping everywhere doing positions...and I have this amazing orgasm...right as she's parking the car. In a church parking lot, I came...and went. I got out of the car, told him I was done using him and we drove him back to the Daquiri Deck...will I see him again? Who knows, but thanks to Tits and Dick Diesel I had one hell of a happy hour!

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