Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Awwww Bummer

If there's one thing I can't stand more than a pathetically small penis, its when I'm really looking forward to fucking someone and then unzipping their pants only to find...a pathetically small penis. Maybe I was asking for it after what I did, but he told me he fucked a black girl, so I assumed if he could fill up that gaping abyss, he'd be able to do wonders with my white girl pussy...boy, was I wrong. It started out innocently enough, he picked me up in his nice car and we pull up to an equally nice house (which, of course, was not his). I get out, go inside, and start drinking some beer. He says he has to go find his friend who owned the house and had just gotten out of the shower. At this point I peek around the corner, and I spot him. The shirtless, gorgeous Colombian who smelled of sex and Acqua di Gio. I knew at this point I was in trouble. I wanted to rape this sexy foreigner and ditch his less attractive, but still pretty cute friend who had driven me there. Emergency, I thought. How can I ditch the friend and end up rolling around with Colombia? The friend who drove me went outside for what seemed like forever, so I sat on the couch next to Colombia. Things escalated pretty quickly, and I found myself sucking on this HUUUUUUUGE dick, while his friend was still outside. Friend walks in, and doesn't see me on my knees. I stop sucking. Friend goes back outside, and I continue. Now, I really wanna fuck the Colombian terribly bad. But his friend is still pretty hot, so now I have to choose. I opt for the friend who drove me because I figured if Colombia wanted to see me, I would just give him my number. So friend and I start to makeout...yeah, after I just sucked his friend's dick. The Colombia left the room, and friend is really kind of turning me on....biting my neck...etc. So I'm like, alright, rock on....time to play. Friend pulls down his pants...(it's dark), and on my knees I go....only to find what I can only describe as downright depressing. A sad little uncircumsized penis. It reminded me of one of those cocktail pig-in-a-blankets that you eat at your buddy's parent's bar-b-que. Wow. How fucking disappointing! I died a little on the inside, swallowed my sadness and stopped sucking his dick. I just couldn't bring myself to do it anymore. If I allowed him to penetrate me, it would have to go in my butt because otherwise I just wouldn't be able to feel it (and no, I don't have a giant cunt...but jesus...my tampon fucks me better than what this dude probably could). Well, he takes me home. I promptly call Colombia and arrange for a new time for us to play. Yeah, call me what you want....a bad girl, a slut, whatever. All I have to say is awwww.....bummer, Because I was so looking forward to banging friend and now I never want to see him again.

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