Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Can I try a sample of your meat?

If you don't know by now, my real name is Kelly. I worked at Publix for approximately 3 months in the deli. Yep, I was rocking the hairnet, and no one thought I looked like I belonged there. I certainly didn't mind my job. At that point I was a full blown drug addict and thankfully for me, the produce man had a script for roxies, so I was pretty much set. I also had the privilege of working with a really hot guy in the deli. He had a girlfriend and a baby, so I knew we'd never date, but I shamelessly flirted with him. His girlfriend was a fat redneck slob, so I knew I could steal him away. I also had a boyfriend at this point in time, but he was pretty much the biggest asshole ever, so I really didn't think twice about cheating on him. Deli guy and I continued to flirt until one day I decided to take things to the next level. He went into the freezer to stock, so I followed him in. I asked stupidly "What are you up to?" Obviously I knew he was packing meat or something, so before he could answer me, I pushed him against a crate of ice tea and started kissing him and rubbing his cock. We continued to go in that freezer and hook up on the down low for the duration of my time working there. One night we closed together, and decided it was time to fuck. We got into his car and drove behind Publix and started going at it in the car. It was a hot sexy sweaty fuckfest and I loved every second of it. Every chance we got, we would sneak off and have sex. One day we drove behind the dry cleaning place and our regular customer who managed the place, came outside to smoke a cigarette and saw me blowing him. She just stared at us and turned around. I never thought we were actually about to get caught by his girlfriend.

On our break one day, his beached whale of a girlfriend came up to the store to drop off some money to him. We were outside in the car getting busy and I guess when she realized both of us were not working in the deli, she got curious. We were in our usual spot parked behind Publix playing with this vibrator and aggressively tearing eachothers clothes off when someone pounded on the window. She was hitting the window with her fist probably as hard as she could. He just about shit his pants...well he didn't have any on, but he hurriedly got dressed and jumped out of the car. It took me a little longer and I was in no hurry to start fighting this evil fat chick who almost certainly would kill me.

I got out of the car, vibrator in hand, and as she angrily approached me yelling profanities. She got literally so close to my face I could taste her porkrind flavored breath. She then pushed me, and stepped back, taunting me to hit her back and as I looked at her, I realized I had 2 options. I could stay there and fight, or I could rationally try to calm her down and pretend like didn't know she existed. I didn't pick either option. I looked her up and down, and yelled "Shut the fuck up! Maybe if you took care of yourself and lost some weight your boyfriend wouldn't go out looking for a new piece of ass." This set her off....she charged at me like a bull. I had no other options. I raised my hand and hit her as hard as I could with my pussy juice covered vibrator. It slapped her in the face (I was hoping it would leave a mushroom bruise), and in the minute it took her to realize I just hit her with a sex toy, I took off running. I'm not ashamed. I know this was a pussy move, but this bitch was big and country. I ran like Forrest Gump back around Publix and back inside. I retreated behind the deli counter and explained to a manager that an Amazonian bitch was trying to murder me. He told me to leave for the day.

I ended up getting fired. Not for this incident, but because I took naked pictures in the bathroom for the produce guy, who accidently texted them to my manager, who recognized the bathroom as the Publix women's room, who then fired me because corporate said this was a major violation. Eric continued to work there, but his girlfriend took his baby away and kicked him out. I didn't miss Eric because eventhough the sex was decent, his penis wasn't big enough to get beat up over.

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