Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taking One For The Team

Well, I love virgins, everyone knows that...but some virgins, even I wouldn't fuck with someone else's vaginas. There's a reason why some people are still virgins...sure, for some it's by choice, but for even more, it's because no one would willingly have sex with them. At 16, I was fairly new into the whole "sex" thing. I lost my virginity at age 15, and had kind off sworn sex off since the first 2 times sucked so bad, until I finally met someone who turned my whole world upside down. (but thats another story). Anyways, I was 16, and decided do something crazy...I drove to meet with these two older trouble makers that I had a big crush on. I didn't know it at this point, but for every 2 hots guys, there's one ugly friend. In this case, it was a fat ugly friend. Of course they took me to his house...and me and the 2 hot guys had some fun...and I thought that was the end of it...but all of the sudden, I get propositioned. Hot boy #1 pulls me off to the side. "You know Cort is a virgin right?" I shake my head. Hot boy #2 "Yeah, and he's 18. And still a virgin, that must really suck huh?" Me being a stupid young high school girl says "Yeah, that must really suck. But I'm not having sex with him...he's fat." They both say "That's fucked up..." Then they make me an offer I couldn't refuse (at the time anyways). Hot boy #1 "We'll pay you $50, and give you a 1/4 of weed if you do it." Fuck...weed and $50? This offer is looking pretty good to me at this point...So I say fuck...I'm gonna take one for the team. I first gather my $50...then put the weed into my bra. I grab fatty by the hand, throw him on the bed, and tell him we're gonna do it. I take two precautions for certain: make sure he keeps his shirt on and make sure we only do reverse cowgirl so I don't have to look at him. So...we do it...I close my eyes the whole time and pretend that fatty is someone else...then I notice his friends are watching, so I decide to put on a show for them...I'm riding this fat kid, and I just slap him across the face as hard as I can and call him my "porky little bitch". The hot boys are smoking weed and they start laughing hysterically...which makes me laugh...and ironically, makes fatty cum. OH THANK GOD...it was over. Retarded, but a lifesaver!

The aftermath: Me taking fatty's virginity was not only awful, but it was also going to turn fatty into a stalker. Fatty started meeting me after school, trying to get me to hook up with him again, and mailing me love letters. Thankfully I moved out of state and fatty didn't get the opportunity to see me ever again...Ironically, he found me on facebook 8 years later and added me. Who could forget getting called a porky little bitch during sex and cumming from it???

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