Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Wow so I had a funny ass thing happen one night. I was hanging out at a friends (first time i ever met him) house and had been drinking beer. I decide I want to do a shot of captain, so I did. Well, it hit my stomach all wrong and I rushed to the bathroom. As I am shutting the door, I projectile vomit all over his floor, his door, his electric razor, his toothpaste, etc. I was like oh no...so I start cleaning up with toilet paper, and the roll runs out. I am looking around everywhere for something else to clean it up with, all I found was one towel and a shirt. His shirt, I used first...(meanwhile I shouted out of the room that I was gonna take a shower because that would explain why I was in there for so long). Haha I was cleaning up the puke thinking "this could only happen to me". So his shirt is now covered in puke, and I used the towel to clean up with next and that was covered in puke too. So I threw them in the laundry basket and tried to cover them with other clothes. I came out of the bathroom and laid down and then I started to feel really bad, so I told him. He wasn't that mad, he just wanted me to do his laundry. So as I'm walking out to do the laundry I step in dog poo with my bare feet. WTF lol...I have the worst luck ever!

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