Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dyking Out With Straight Friends= An awkward morning

I used to have (keywords used to) a best friend who was very straight. She had kissed one girl in college, but was quite clearly not into other girls. I thought she was a pretty girl, but I didn't really have any interest in hooking up with her. One night straight girl and I went out to a club. It was fun, we were having a great time, and she expressed to me that she really wanted to hook up with this guy we knew who was older, but in great shaped and pretty good looking. Sure enough, old guy wasn't a stranger to the game of pimp and decided to invite us both over to his house. My straight friend was VERY intoxicated at this point, and I was pretty drunk too, but nowhere near her almost-unconscious state of mind. When we got to old guy's house, he poured us more to drink and invited us into the hot tub (like I said...pimp). So I said fuck it and got naked and got in the hot tub and was sipping on champagne. Then straight girl and old guy joined me, but with part of their clothes on. I kind of knew this was heading somewhere, but I wasn't quite sure of the dynamics. Old guy and straight girl started to make out right in front of me in the hot tub. I didn't like this because I felt super left out...so I got a case of the "fuck-its" and reached under the water and started fingering straight girl. I figured the worst thing she could do is push my hand away...but, she didn't.

Old guy was turned on by this whole thing and invited us into the bedroom. Straight girl was so inebriated, she ripped off her clothes and jumped onto his bed, so he and I followed. They started to fool around and I started to suck his dick. Old guy must have felt super happy because straight girl jumped on top of him, and started humping the shit out him. I sat on old guy's face and started to be kind of mean to straight girl. My inner dominatrix came out, and I was yelling at her calling her a whore and telling her to ride his dick better or I was gonna show her how. I then decide I want straight girl to eat my pussy. I virtually yanked this bitch off his dick and pushed her head down on me. Suddenly straight girl turned into a lesbian porn star. She started eating me out...not just a normal lick or two, but full on fat kid diving head first into a tub of ice cream. I couldn't believe it. She was going to town on my vagina and kept asking if she was doing it right. I told her to keep going and I'm pretty sure I slapped her upside the head.

Long story short, I blacked out and so did she, and we woke up next to eachother naked under a down comforter. She looked at me with the most fearful serious face and asked "Oh my gosh....what happened last night and why are we naked?" Awkward silence. I started laughing and said I didn't remember. She then remembered she had to work, so we put on our clothes and started to leave. Old guy was passed the fuck out on the couch. I spotted his wallet, noticed $180 in it, and took it, mumbling under my breath "Pleasure doing business with you." Straight girl never talked to me again. Hooking up with her ruined our friendship. I still don't know if it was out of embarrassment or not, but for at least one night, she was my lesbian lover.

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