Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm a trooper.

Ok, this is gonna be a more nasty story, but since I think it's kind of funny I'm gonna write it anyways. So I found this sexy guy, and he's getting me mad horny, but I'm on my period. The only thing I can do is pretend I'm not, to assure we can fuck. So I lie and say I'm not. We get it on, he goes down on me, I cum....it's amazing sex....but it's dark and I now go in the bathroom and it's like a fucking massacre in there. On top of that, he now has my blood all over his penis...so basically it comes down to this...I can either let it go and let him see the war on his dick, or I can quickly lick it off before he notices...so me, being the trooper that i am, I lick it off...quickly, slickly...it was like it never happened...THANK GOD he didn't notice or he'd probably never talk to me again.

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