Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Did you just have an orgasm? ON MY PILLOW!?!?

When I was in rehab (I wrote about my little sexual escapades there previously), we had some very strict rules. On holidays however, we were allowed to sit on the couch and watch movies co-ed style (whoo hoo! hardcore). My little fuck buddy sat on one side, my female fuck buddy on the other, and another one the other side of her. We were all watching Alien and I had on these booty shorts. My fuck buddy Jessica Rabbit, had her pillow on my lap and kept putting her head on it. Meanwhile, my male fuck buddy decided to have a little finger parade on my magic button. While the rehab monitors wandered in and out of the room, and their were also about 25 tattle-tales in this room as well, Fingers kept on playing with my pussy. I got closer and closer to having this mind blowing (yet quiet ass orgasm) and finally i couldn't take it. Jessica Rabbit's head started vibrating along with my hips and she immediately sat up. I squirted...out my shorts (I wasn't wearing panties) and all over her pillow. Jessica Rabbit wasn't very happy about having to sleep on pussy juice that night, but trust me, I made it up to her :)

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