Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wigging Out

As some of you may know, I wear a wig. No I don't have cancer or anything like that, I just have this short brown hair do underneath and my long blonde hair has always been my trademark. So in order to embrace my party side, I wear my long blonde semen magnet. On this particular evening, I headed to the bar that I frequent all the time. There weren't many people there, so I picked the most decent candidate and pulled him outside and around the corner so I could donate my blowjob services to him. After walking back into the bar, I realized even more people had vacated the premises, so  decided to throw my still sober self into my vehicle and headed to another bar.

The next spot I arrived at was "Cocaine Kingdom" aka Rasher Tierney's. I see a pretty sexy guy and start to talk to him. I find out he's a tattoo artist with a twin brother. I also start flirting with the married bouncer who is clearly too faithful. I say fuck it and keep talking to the sexy tatted guys. Of course the sexy tatted guys have this one fucking really annoying ugly friend who keeps chiming in to our conversation. Then all of a sudden this evil looking black bitch walks in, and sexy tatted guy introduces me to his "girlfriend". Great, so now I'm not getting laid. On to the next bar.

I pull up at Tommyknockers and walk inside. I buy one beer, hunt around when someone yells my name. A former freaky booty call sees me so I go to sit with him. He came with his very sexy married friend to the bar, and I was happy to hang out with them. After several beers (actually pitchers of beer) we all three went out to the married guys truck and decided to have some fun. I was bent over the front seat, and the one guy was making a Chinese buffet out of my pussy and asshole while I was blowing the other dude. Finding this position a little uncomfortable, I crawled into the front seat and so did the other dude. So now we were having a threesome in the front seat of an F150, and I' pretty drunk so after swallowing the shit out of this 9 inch dick and getting pounded down from behind, I definately puked up beer all over the one dude, it was ok though because he's a little freaky. Now that I finished with these dudes I had to move on.

The next and last bar I headed to was the one I started off at in the first place. My wig and I showed up and I saw like 10 of my buddies who I've already fucked with standing out in the parking lot.I continued to drink and my friend convinced me to come back outside and somehow I ended up sitting on a curb sucking dick. Who else does this happen to? At some drunken point we all decided to head back to one of the guys houses and have a sloppy drunken gang bang (which seems to happen a lot). While giving head, one of the guys tried to pull my hair, and oops off went my wig. I said fuck it and just kept it off and I was so fucking faded I don't remember seeing anyone's faces, just there dicks. I got tired of this situation, so I left and headed to my boyfriends house. I crawled into bed next to him covered in semen and made him eat my pussy. I  also dumped him the next day.

This as just one night of adventures between me and my wig. Yes this story had no plot, but it just goes to show how fucking interesting my life is :)

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