Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Little Dose of Revenge

One day I received a message on Facebook from a nasty looking female who explained that she found me attractive and really would like to hook up with me. She even offered me money. I, however, am very picky when it comes to females so I was not interested. She also started opening up to me about how she cheats on her husband in great detail. I didn't care. Her husband friend requested me a couple days later and messaged me. He was so nice that I had to tell him what kind of whore his wife was. After hearing his heartbreaking story about him only being with one woman since he was 15 (he was now 35). I told him how bad she wanted me and how I turned her down. Then one night, he made me an offer....while she was out, he called me...offered me a substantial amount of money and had me come over to the house. Meanwhile I had asked her what she would do if I fucked her husband....she said she'd kill me. I got to the house and I ripped off my clothes and jumped on the bed. We proceeded to have raunchy sex on her side of the bed and I rubbed my twat all over her pillow full of her husband's cum. Yes, it was a pretty nasty thing to do, but I think the fact that he got what his wife wanted and she had no idea he even talked to me period was the sweetest revenge of all. To this day they're married...they both lead lives full of lies, and I went on my merry way.

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